Monday, September 14, 2015

I hate reality shows, but this is different

Aloha Everyone...

Please DONATE, INVITE and SHARE the CROWDFUNDING LINK below to everyone you believe would support such an effort of bringing a DOCU-SERIES such as this to Hawai'i. The Cast and Film Crew are not going to sugarcoat or re-imagine who and what Hawai'i is, the same Hollywood has...Hawai'i Nei is a real place with real people from all over the world who are trying to make ends meet...It will be based on character driven inspirational real life stories about the changing face of Hawaii and its people who continue to struggle to live on the most beautiful islands on Earth. Hawai’i is considered HEAVEN by those who are succeeding and HELL by those who are struggling, but at the end of our day, struggle or success, when the sun rises or sets, we reflect and know how truly Lucky we are to Live Hawaii. This, for all of us here on these islands is…THE PRICE FOR PARADISE.

Please Join us and Support this Project on bringing Hawaii to a global audience where we not only show the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, but the struggles and successes of the people who live and breathe Hawai’i every day.

From the Cast and Film Crew…mahalo nui loa for your friendship and support.

We have less than 90 DAYS to change the Face of Hawaii’s Future in a positive direction…Lets do this together!

PRICE FOR PARADISE -The Struggles & Successes of living the Real Hawaii
PRICE for PARADISE- A Docu-Series based on the Struggles and Successes of the Real People of Hawaii

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hurricane Guillermo!

Let me see if I can describe storm coverage for you here in Hawaii. Have you ever had someone describe the most amazing pizza to you? Promising that you've never experienced pizza until you've tried [insert name of not so popular local pizza joint]. You arrive, sit down and someone serves you what is basically just a saltine cracker with ketchup on it? So far, that is exactly what hurricane coverage is like here in Hawaii. Granted, I've only been here a year and we have only had to deal with a few warnings, but that seems to be the general attitude of locals. A storm starts brewing somewhere in the pacific and all of the sudden there is a mad rush for water, rice and spam. The storm passes and now you have a closet full of snacks that your wife wont let you eat "Just in case".

Its actually kind of a joke here. Correction: The weather guy is kind of a joke here. Just do a quick google image search for Guy Hagi memes and you'll see what I'm talking about (apologies for all the pidgin you'll be forced to read) Guy gets no respect. And really it isn't his fault, because what if it actually does hit? Last year the entire island was on alert for Hurricane Iselle, school was cancelled for a day, announcements where made about emergency shelters and all along South Kihei road businesses were boarding up their windows. I was legitimately concerned. Well the big storm finally arrived and to be honest? It was probably one of my most relaxing days in Hawaii up to that point. I made some coffee, pulled up a new book on my iPad and just relaxed. It even sort of almost rained. I believe we actually had less rain during the storm then we did the week before.  I remember all of the texts I was getting from concerned friends in the mid-west, wanting to make sure that we survived. Then Julio came. Again promises of destruction then... nothing

Now, I should probably mention that the Island of Hawaii (Big Island for those of you who don't know better) did get hit with Iselle and over 25,000 people lost power along with some structural damage. So for a few residents, the promises of destruction did ring true. Thanks to the topography of the island, the storm broke apart and was downgraded to a tropical storm. The rest of the islands dealt with a bit of rain, some wind and tourists disappointed that they would have to stay out of the water for a few days.

I may joke that I would love to live through a real deal hurricane, but I probably shouldn't. In 1992 Hurricane Iniki hit Hawaii (Kauai getting the worst of it) and caused over a billion dollars in damage. So to all our friends and family whose ears perked up when they heard about a hurricane in the Pacific, rest easy. The only casualty is that bag of Cheetos in the emergency stash. It didn't stand a chance...